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Synergy Seeds supply a combination of high-grade temperate legumes, grasses, cereals, tropical and vetch varieties. We supply both proprietary and public varieties, so that our customers can meet the demands of their markets.


Welcome to ‘In the Field’ videos. Keeping you up-to-date with first hand knowledge on seed production.

South East SA July 2023 update

July 2023 Update: In south-east South Australia there has been quite a lot of heavy rainfall around the Millicent and Hatherleigh district this year. There’s some pretty serious water logging in the channels and through this country. So this is one of our biggest challenges with seed production crops down here. This is part of the potential damage from water logging. Weed control issues can arise from not being able to access paddocks to apply herbicides and insecticides. This can lead to potential early crop establishment and yield losses. This is a classic case of what’s happening down here in the south east Australia this year. 

Paradana Balansa Clover, Naracoorte SA

In a Naracoorte, South Australia field of Paradana Balansa Clover. We have experienced a high rainfall season so far and the paddock is boggy and waterlogged. It’s also been affected by snails and slugs around 10 to 20 slugs per metre in some places and causing a lot of damage. Slugs have caused a lot of issues for farmers as they’re having to bait extensively. Some of the early stages of the Balansa crop are showing the damage with leaf margins being chewed off. The baiting process has been heavy and shows the longer growing season with the green bridge keeping the slug numbers high without a typical Australian summer which has caused issues. Will be interested to see the crop recovery over the next 5 to 8 weeks and once the sun comes out it should slow the issues down. Annual Clover

Leura Sub Clover, Western Flat SA

Nathan Smith is at Western Flat, South Australia at a site of Leura Sub Clover for seed production. It’s been sown at 20kg per hectare. The site is looking great. Not a lot of weed competition early and being a 145 day flowering it suits the longer growing season for the domestic and international markets. Sub Clover

Insect Damage, South East SA

At a Paradana Balansa Clover paddock at Naracoorte, South Australia we’re explaining how slugs, snails and millipedes cause damage to crops. Unfortunately its been perfect wet conditions for slugs and baiting doesn’t last long in the wet conditions. There’s a large number of slugs around this year with between 20mm to 40mm in length and when they all go on a feeding frenzy they cause lots of damage to the seedling crops. Synergy Seeds work with our growers, in the fields to ensure pest control works so we can get the best yield from the crop. Annual Clover

Excellence Lucerne, Naracoorte SA

Adam and Wayne from Synergy Seeds are chatting with Graham Myers from Naracoorte SA. We’re looking at a new seed production stand of Excellence Alfalfa/Lucerne which is a highly winter active ten cultivar. It has a multifoliate leaf trait type for hay production. The crop has responded well after lamb grazing. For seed production it was planted at a low seeding rate and the the low crown has been great for grazing and held itself very well. Alfalfa

Winter Cleaning Lucerne, South East SA

Crop hygiene in lucerne seed production is critical. This shows Winter Cleaning Lucerne after the lambs have grazed it. We apply herbicides such as Spray Seed and Spinnaker with the view to be grazed again and locked up for hay. This is to remove problematic weeds that you do find in the Lucerne stands. Our quality parametres are very strong and crop hygiene. This is a good part of the weed management process for lucerne and alfalfa production.

Antas Sub Clover, Upper South East SA

This is a regenerated second year stand of Antas Sub Clover paddock in the Upper South East of South Australia. The paddock is a free draining soil with a clean background from weeds for seed production. Strong crop hygiene has helped to set up this paddock for a good harvest. Antas is a large leafed type brachy sub clover that suits neutral to alkaline soils. Sub Clover

Persian Clover, South East SA

Adam and Wayne from Synergy Seeds are in a production field of Persian Clover (Frontier Clover) which is a proprietary cultivar produced in the South East, South Australia. Prior to this, it was canola and wheat production. It’s in traditional, heavy black self mulching soil, that gets quit wet over winter with issues such as slugs and snails. Alkaline country is managed for slugs and snail damage incrop. We are assessing the damage and potential long term seed production in South Australia. Annual Clover

Olympia Lucerne, Kongal SA

Olympia Alfalfa crop near Bordertown, SA. It has been sown at 2.5 kilograms per hectare. Low plant population for seed production are important to allow for pollination. It is coming into third harvest this year. Still vigorous for this time of year and grazed with sheep. The plant structure is leafy all the way through, with a good crown height. The plant is holding leaf all the way to the bottom of the plant. Stem diameter is good and has even growth all the way down to the stems. Alfalfa

Bolta Balansa Clover, Frances SA

Nathan Smith is at Frances, SA in a Bolta Balansa seed crop. The crop is a regenerated paddock that was taken for seed last year. It started germination from March and had a broad leaf spray applied. It has really good plant density. As the sun starts to warm up more, it will be in a good position to lock up for seed followed by grazing. Annual Clover

Sub Clover Usage in New Zealand

Adam is looking at commercial Sub Clover Trials in Gisbourne, Northern region of New Zealand. We are looking the trials on the north facing hill country. It’s a very high grass dominant pasture sward used in New Zealand grazing agriculture. The aim is to direct drill or aerial seed with sub clovers to bolster the legume component and feed quality of their pastures. Large volumes of Australian grown Sub Clovers are used in these grazing zones with great success. Once they seed down they come back in the following autumn and remove the thistles, then resow their grass based pastures in. This is a great opportunity for Australian seed production growers to expand the market for their pasture legumes into different markets. Sub Clover

Namoi Vetch, Mid North, Caltowie South Australia

Nathan is in a crop of Certified Namoi Vetch in the mid north of South Australia. Crop looks great with a lot of bulk considering the rainfall and seasonal conditions to date. This crop requires a fungicide before flowering to get it through to seed. Warm conditions will produce a good seed set and harvesting in late December. Synergy Seeds produces Namoi Vetch for many of our International Customers for use in Cover Crop rotations. Vetch

Raptor Lucerne, Marrabel South Australia

Hay baling in a Raptor Lucerne paddock at Marrabel, Mid North South Australia. The bales of hay yielded about 4.5 tonnes per hectare and are sold into premium hay markets. The paddock will be locked up for seed production, once hay has been removed and harvested in March/April. Lucerne

Olympia Lucerne, Marrabel, South Australia

Dormancy 8 Olympia Lucerne stand set up for seed production near Marrabel, South Australia. Sown at 3 kg per hectare in its second year. This block has just had a hay cut before it is locked up for seed production. Olympia has excellent forage qualities with leaf all the way down to the crown. It has been bred for hay cutters and graziers market looking for an all rounder cultivar. It has performed very well in high rainfall zones with strong disease package and insect resistance. Olympia has a strong following in the Argentinian markets where soft soils and high rainfall dominate their cultivar selection. Lucerne

Lucerne Windrowing, Mid North, South Australia

Dryland Genesis Lucerne is being windrowed for hay before being locked up for seed production in the Mid North, South Australia.

SYNFLO Seed Treatment

Professionally applied seed treatments offer excellent benefits to Australian farmers. The SYNFLO Seed treatment package comes pre-inoculated with Rhizobia, Calcium Carbonate Lime, Nutrient package and Fungicide where registered. SYNFLO can be ordered with Imidacloprid Insecticide on request for longer lasting protection.

Haifa White Clover, Robe, South Australia

Adam and Wayne in the South east, South Australia on a Haifa White Clover production stand. The stand is in its second year with the sheep on it for nearly a month. Once the sheep were removed, a grass herbicide was applied followed 10 days later with a broadleaf herbicide. It will be locked up in October and harvested in January. Perennial Clover

Palestine Strawberry Clover, South East South Australia

Seed production block of Palestine Strawberry Clover in the lower south east, South Australia. This well established Strawberry stand is positioned in traditionally wet country that can get very waterlogged. Strawberry Clover tolerates wet growing conditions unlike other clovers. Strawberry is a fickle crop to grow for seed production especially when setting it up during the critical flowering stage. It is grown by a niche group of specialist seed growers in the south east. Synergy Seeds, produce Palestine Strawberry Clover seed to key markets such as USA, Europe and the domestic Australian market. Perennial Clover

Karaka Sub Clover, Mundulla South Australia

Adam and Wayne are in a seed production block of a Karaka Sub Clover near Mundulla in the South East of South Australia. Karaka (WS1801) was selected by Ag Research in NZ. It is one of the first cultivars selected through the New Zealand breeding program. It is a small leaved, late season ssp.subterraneum type sub clover, which flowers in 144 days. Karaka is well suited to medium to high rainfall country where it will make up the backbone of the legume species in the pasture. We license Karaka in Australia and produce it for multiple countries. Its characteristics include strong regeneration after seed down. This is its second year regeneration and had previously been harvested twice with the clover harvester. Sub Clover

Frontier Balansa Clover, Keith South Australia

Here’s a production inspection of an early flowering Balansa crop called Frontier. It’s a second year regeneration paddock. The paddock is looking good for crop hygiene. In alkaline country, conical snails can be an issue but they’ve been baited to reduce damage to the crop in seedling stage. Frontier is very hard seeded and a prolific seeder. In long term pasture blends where farmers are looking for continual regeneration, Frontier Balansa fills that on farm requirement. Annual Clover

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