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Sub Clover
Subterranean/Sub clover (ssp. yanninicum)

TRIKKALA is a mid-season (112 days to flower) variety, with low hard seed levels, of the waterlogging-tolerant “white-seeded” yanninicum subspecies of sub clover.

It is generally suited to areas with a minimum of 450mm annual rainfall, an approximate minimum 6 month growing season. It is well adapted to moderately acidic (pH CaCI2 4.5-6.5), loamy and clay soils with good water retention, poor drainage and areas subject to intermittent waterlogging.

TRIKKALA’S formononetin level is very low. TRIKKALA was not selected for red-legged earth mite tolerance. TRIKKALA is suitable for permanent and semi-permanent pastures. Released in 1976, TRIKKALA offered a low formononetin alternative to Yarloop. Since then, other mid-season Yanninicum varieties have been released, with different levels of hard seed, disease resistance and productivity

TRIKKALA is tolerant of clover scorch and resistant to root rot.

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Growing Conditions

  • Soil Type

    Trikkala prefers sandy loams to clays of moderate acidity and good water holding capacity. Highly tolerant of winter waterlogging

  • Sowing Rate

    Pure 5 - 10kg/ha Dryland
    Pure 11 - 15kg/ha Irrigated

  • Rainfall


  • pH

    4.5 - 6.5 (CaCl2)

  • Inoculant

    Group C Rhizobium


  • Early – mid season 112 days to flowering
  • White Seeded type
  • Tolerant to waterlogged or poorly drained soils
  • Suited to flood irrigation pasture systems
  • Excellent seedling vigour for quick establishment
  • Good forage production
  • Strong seeder for good regeneration

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