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Sub Clover
Subterranean/Sub clover (ssp. subterraneum)

LEURA displays a very prostrate growth habit and produces a low, dense sward. Although relatively soft seeded, it sets sufficient seed to ensure the reliable regeneration.

LEURA is a late-season (147 days to flower) variety, with very low hard seed levels, of the “black-seeded” subterraneum subspecies of sub clover. It is suited to areas with around 700mm annual rainfall, an approximate minimum 8 month growing season.

It is well adapted to moderately acidic (pH CaCI2 4.5-6.5) soils performing best on well-drained, slightly acid soils. LEURA’S formononetin level is very low. LEURA was not selected for red-legged earth mite tolerance. LEURA is suitable for permanent and semi-permanent pastures. Released in 1991, LEURA was a low formononetin alternative to Tallarook.

LEURA’S disease package and winter production was of benefit in some environments over other late varieties at the time of its release. LEURA also made better use of very long seasons than other late varieties Mt Barker and Karridale at the time.

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Growing Conditions

  • Soil Type

    It is well adapted to moderately acidic soils performing best on well-drained, slightly acid soils

  • Sowing Rate

    Pure 5 - 10kg/ha Dryland
    Pure 11 - 15kg/ha Irrigated

  • Rainfall


  • pH

    4.5 - 6.5 (CaCl2)

  • Inoculant

    Group C Rhizobium


  • Late season type 147 days
  • Resistant to clover scorch, root rots, and leaf rust
  • Winter and spring herbage production
  • Suited to permanent pasture or medium-term cropping rotations

Leura Sub Clover, Western Flat South Australia

Nathan Smith is at Western Flat, South Australia at a site of Leura Sub Clover for seed production. It’s been sown at 20kg per hectare. The site is looking great. Not a lot of weed competition early and being a 145 day flowering it suits the longer growing season for the domestic and international markets. Sub Clover

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