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Rhodes Grass
Chloris gayana

KATAMBORA is late flowering diploid type Rhodes grass. It is later than Pioneer but earlier than Callide.

KATAMBORA remains leafier and more productive into autumn than Pioneer. It is also finer leaved and more stoloniferous.

It is easily established to produce high quality grazing and hay value (if cut at appropriate time). KATAMBORA is well utilised in a grass or legume blend, it displays strong growth in both irrigated and dryland operations. It displays very good water use efficiency in comparison to other sub-tropical grasses. In areas that have extremely cold winters or long dry seasons, KATAMBORA Rhodes can act as an annual and can also be used for erosion control.

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Growing Conditions

  • Soil Type

    Rhodes grass is adapted to a wide range of soils, from infertile sands to fertile brigalow clays. It is difficult to establish and have it persist on heavy-cracking clay soils.

  • Sowing Rate

    Pure 1 - 2kg/ha Dryland
    Pure 3 - 5kg/ha Irrigated

  • Rainfall


  • pH

    5.5 - 7.5 (CaCl2)


  • Katambora offers nematode resistance
  • Well adapted to a wide range of soils
  • Not adapted to acid, infertile soils
  • Some tolerance to saline conditions
  • Very drought tolerant
  • Tolerant of heavy grazing
  • Requires high fertility to persist
  • Poor tolerance of waterlogging
  • Produces high quality hay
  • Easily established with quick growth in pasture blends

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