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Synergy Seeds supply a combination of high-grade temperate legumes, grasses, cereals, tropical and vetch varieties. We supply both proprietary and public varieties, so that our customers can meet the demands of their markets.


White Clover
Trifolium repens

HAIFA is a large leaved, perennial legume that provides good levels of autumn and winter forage production.

HAIFA was selected for increased stolon density, (compared to a large leaved Ladino type). The variety demonstrates good seedling vigour with an erect growth habit and is tolerant to hot conditions.

HAIFA can provide large quantities of high-quality feed and can be grown well in combination with various temperate and sub-tropical grasses assisting in providing a balanced diet to animals. It will also provide excellent levels of soil nitrogen along with an effective disease break.

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Growing Conditions

  • Soil Type

    Suited to a wide range of soil pH > 4.5; optimum 5.3. Tolerates low exchangeable aluminium and poorly drained soils. Well suited to peaty soil.

  • Sowing Rate

    Mixes 0.5 - 2kg/ha
    Pure 3 - 8kg/ha Dryland/ Irrigated

  • Rainfall


  • pH

    4.5 - 7.0 (CaCl2).

  • Inoculant

    Group B Rhizobium


  • Large leaf perennial clover
  • Increased stolon density compared to Ladino types
  • Haifa White Clover is best suited sown into a mix with more productive summer active white clover varieties particularly where irrigation is used
  • Excellent heat tolerance and seeding ability
  • High nutritive value/highly palatable
  • Strong partner with perennial grasses and legumes
  • Well adapted to lower rainfall and low fertility soils
  • Performs well in sub-tropical regions
  • Utilised in tropical coastal areas as partner with kikuyu pastures

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