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Synergy Seeds supply a combination of high-grade temperate legumes, grasses, cereals, tropical and vetch varieties. We supply both proprietary and public varieties, so that our customers can meet the demands of their markets.

Tropical Grasses

Rhodes grasses are a slow establishing perennial species. They are very drought tolerant with a wide adaption to different soil types.

They require good spring/summer rainfall to achieve the best grazing and hay outcomes. Once established they are very grazing tolerant with their forage production occurring over the spring/ summer periods. They are utilised in long standing sub tropical pasture blends with other grasses and annual pasture legumes.

Tropical Grass Varieties

  • Katambora

    Rhodes Grass
    Chloris gayana

    KATAMBORA remains leafier and more productive into autumn than Pioneer. It is also finer leaved and more stoloniferous. It is…

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