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Synergy Seeds supply a combination of high-grade temperate legumes, grasses, cereals, tropical and vetch varieties. We supply both proprietary and public varieties, so that our customers can meet the demands of their markets.


Lucerne is a perennial plant with year-round production. It is deep rooted, capable of extracting water and nutrients from deep in the profile.

Lucerne is a multi-purpose crop that can be used for grazing and hay operations, it has quick growth responses to spring and summer rainfall (or irrigation). It has the ability to produce large amounts of very high quality forage that is sought after in feedlot and intensive dairy systems.

Lucerne Varieties

Synergy Seeds has access to many different varieties of Lucerne. Speak to us today about sourcing the right variety for your needs.

  • Sequel

    Highly Winter Active 9
    Medicago sativa

    SEQUEL provides high levels of forage over the winter period and is best suited to short to medium term rotations…

  • Genesis

    Winter Active 7
    Medicago sativa

    It will provide moderate levels of herbage production during the winter period, followed by exceptional spring and summer production, due…

  • Aurora

    Winter Active 6
    Medicago sativa

    AURORA is a semi winter active cultivar with a dormancy rating of 6, bred by the New South Wales Department…

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