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Synergy Seeds supply a combination of high-grade temperate legumes, grasses, cereals, tropical and vetch varieties. We supply both proprietary and public varieties, so that our customers can meet the demands of their markets.

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Synergy Seeds are an independently owned Australian forage seed company, supplying high quality seed products to customers in Australia and around the world.

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As a privately owned Australian forage seed company who exports seed across the world, we are unique in our approach.

We have a team of industry experts all with experience in the international and domestic seed industry. Our independence allows us to be responsive, flexible and carefully manage every part of the process from paddock to end destination.

We are adaptive in our service to meet the needs of our clients. They can rely on us to be thorough and timely in both our international export and domestic delivery.

  • Craig Myall

    Managing Director

    Craig has over 24 years experience in the Australian agriculture segment with all of this time spent directly involved in the pasture seeds industry. His initial 9 years with leading agribusiness Elders based in Naracoorte in the heart of the small seed industry, afforded him the opportunity to work directly with farmers “in-field” with the production of seeds. Craig took up the position as General Manager of Seedmark which he held for 5 years until the business was purchased by Heritage Seeds (now Barenbrug), where he then held a senior management position and performed the role of International Business Manager for 6 years. In April 2019, Craig created the Synergy Seeds business, and today manages a highly skilled team of people, who like him, are focussed on developing and maintaining relationships for mutual benefit, from the farmers that produce their range of pasture seeds varieties, right through to an end customer base Internationally and Domestically that consume them.

  • Nathan Smith

    Business Sales & Supply Manager

    Crop agronomy has been a large part of Nathan’s background career. Starting in field agronomy services 17 years ago this encompassed broadacre and small seeds agronomy, incrop weed and  IPM (integrated pest management), soil and plant nutrition and water management services. Nathan expanded his career into large scale seed production with Heritage Seeds/ Barenbrug. As Lucerne Seed Production Manager he was responsible for the full seed production process from planting to harvesting for contracted international customers. This expanded into seed production in small seeds including legumes, clover, grasses, vetch and cereals within the Synergy Seeds business. The expansion of the contract seed production area across large regions of Australia, allows Nathan to work closely with international customers from a sales perspective to grow and procure high quality seed lines for their markets.

  • Wayne Heading

    Production & Procurement

    Wayne has spent his life in a broad range of agricultural sectors. He has lived in Keith, South East SA for the past 40 years, which is the largest Lucerne Seed production area in Australia. During this time, he has managed a crop and livestock farming operation and has achieved a very strong hands on knowledge of crop and seed production through the South East of South Australia. Over the past 15 years, Wayne has been involved in the seed industry while previously working as Seed Production Agronomist with PGG Wrightson’s and now as Seed Production and Procurement Manager with Synergy Seeds. He has been involved in seed production in SA, Vic, NSW and Tasmania, and observed white clover and grass production in New Zealand. The ability to target seed production in key reliable and safe areas in Australia has been a strength of Wayne’s, this has allowed our customer base to achieve high quality seed products in the required timely fashion.

  • Mel Parish

    Operations & Administration Manager

    Over the last 25 plus years, Mel has been employed in a broad range of Agricultural sectors including the Meat, Wine and Seed Industries, working exclusively during this time in Export Documentation and Administration. Her last 18 years have been spent in the Pasture Seed Industry where she has developed an unsurpassed knowledge of international seed logistics. Over this time Mel has created a strong understanding of Quarantine and Customs regulations, critical in order to meet timelines on deliveries to global customers. Mel’s ability to create and build strong relationships within the domestic and global freight and logistics sectors, allows Synergy Seeds to seamlessly distribute seed from Australia to all parts of the world, which is of great importance to our ever-growing customer base.

  • Adam Davies

    National Forage Sales & Marketing Manager

    Adam has more than 33 years’ experience in the Australian and New Zealand Agricultural Industries with involvement in many sectors including forage and grain, animal health, soil biological and plant nutrition.

    In the seed industry he has held senior management and technical roles with Pasture Genetics, Pioneer Hi-Bred Australia, Heritage Seeds and Synergy Seeds.
    Adam’s experience from in-field crop management and agronomy, to seed production, sales and logistics, is a key strength of Synergy Seeds.

    He can assist our customers in selecting the best agronomic fit to meet their on farm requirements, while delivering a high level of expertise and service.

  • Ruth Taylor

    Operations and Administration Officer

    Ruth has been involved in agriculture for the past 22 years. As a long term contributor to the grain handling industry, she has been involved in multiple expansions of this sector. Ruth had focussed on Administration, Logistics and site management. A major part of these roles focussed on accuracy in documentation, meeting time schedules for logistics movements and grain movement orders. Synergy Seeds clients Internationally and Domestically require strong channels of communication and accuracy with freight movements and documentation. Ruth’s experience throughout her career allows Synergy Seeds to deliver this value to our long standing Industry clients.

  • Ian Freebairn

    Production & Procurement

    Ian has a very broad knowledge and career experience. He is originally from the Mid North of SA, he has held agronomy, production and management roles throughout his career. Most recently Ian was the General Manager for seed production at Seed Distributors, Territory Sales Manager at Pasture Genetics/ S&W Seedco and Production Manager at South Pacific Seeds.

    With his wealth of experience in small seed and horticulture crops, his knowledge will be invaluable to our grower partners and the Synergy Seeds Team.

Synergistic Opportunities

At Synergy Seeds, we create mutually beneficial partnerships, working together so we can build a sustainable agricultural industry.

We supply seed to domestic customers here in Australia, and export to every corner of the globe.

Contact us today to enquire about our forage seed range and the services we provide.