Our Products

Synergy Seeds supply a combination of high-grade temperate legumes, grasses, cereals, tropical and vetch varieties. We supply both proprietary and public varieties, so that our customers can meet the demands of their markets.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, we work closely with our extensive seed grower base to supply our customers with high quality products so that together we can ensure a sustainable farming future for all.

As a privately owned Australian forage seed company who exports seed across the world, we are unique in our approach.

We have a team of industry experts all with experience in the international and domestic seed industry. Our independence allows us to be responsive, flexible and carefully manage every part of the process from paddock to end destination.

We are adaptive in our service to meet the needs of our clients. They can rely on us to be thorough and timely in both our international export and domestic delivery.


Meet the team

A climate for quality

Australia’s climate, soil and water availability allow our expert seed producers to reliably produce high-grade seed year in, year-out. To further “droughtproof” our business, we source our seed from numerous regions around Australia to ensure our customers always have access to the quality seed products they require.

With Synergy Seeds, every consignment of seed arrives as promised. The packaging, purity and germination quality are excellent. They keep me well informed at every step, that helps me with my own business and keeping my end customers informed.

Synergising the process from seed grower to retailer

Synergy Seeds are across every step of the value chain from before the crop is planted until it reaches our customers.

By doing this, we can make sure everything is done at the highest possible standard. We collaborate with reliable suppliers and service providers to support our customers’ requirements.

Planting to meet demand

We consult with our International and Domestic customers regarding their future needs and liaise with our professional seed growers to fulfil these requirements.

Assisting with crop production

We work closely with our seed growers to select the highest calibre paddocks for seed production. This encompasses past crop and herbicide history, soil type and suitability for seed harvest machinery. This attention to detail allows our customers to receive the highest quality seed products.

Regular inspections of crops are critical to success. These involve accessing new seedling crop establishment, plant numbers and evenness of crop. Documentation of seed production blocks are a key part to meeting International and Domestic seed certification parameters. This involves recording all key agronomic paddock traits, including insect and weed identification pressure throughout the entire crop production phase.

The partnerships that we form with seed growers are critical to allow us to achieve the best seed yield outcomes for the grower and to meet the expectation of our International and Domestic customers.

Processing seeds

We collaborate with expert seed processors in the Australian seed industry, to ensure products meet quality parameters such as purity and germination.

Efficiently handling the supply chain

Our highly experienced team generate accurate documentation that fully complies with International and Domestic requirements. We liaise with reliable service/transport providers, ensuring our seed products are transported and/or shipped correctly and on time.

Why wholesalers & retailers partner with Synergy Seeds

  • Synergy Seeds has an unsurpassed seed industry knowledge in their team
  • Adaptable in meeting customer requirements
  • Across every step of the value chain
  • Experienced, dedicated professional seed grower base
  • Proven track record exporting seed to every part of the world
  • Supply quality Australian-produced seed products
  • Market proprietary and commodities cultivars with proven performance

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